Gbeetle is a total solution for business that would like to automate their day-to-day in-house operations to gain optimum usage of the resources while increasing the workflow efficiency to reduce cost and increase profit.
Our service offerings help maximize the value of investments in SaaS or on-premises (privately owned) applications by leveraging our Mutating frameworks to building universal, re-usable application end points which are secure, highly available and scalable. We specialize in delivering hybrid integration solutions that allows customers to extend their current on-premises software to achieve one-stop solution.
Unlike traditional SaaS application providers, Gbeetle extends its solution to expand your business beyond the boundaries via e-Commerce and M-Commerce platforms. Also, Gbeetle is the only E-Commerce and M-Commerce platform that lets the business owners to sell their product directly via the biggest market place. In few clicks, you can make your products buyable on the online market place and also via social networks.
Beyond all, Gbeetle provide a complete FREE proprietary Website to each business to promote them self via the WWW.
Gbeetle In-House operations management functionalities, but not limited to:

  1. User management
  2. User Role management
  3. Security Management
  4. Inventory Management (Product and/or Services)
  5. Cash management
  6. Credit management
  7. Workflow Management
  8. In-House Sales module
  9. Online Sales Module
  10. Discounts and Special offers setup
  11. Trans port costing module
  12. Introducing agent setup and commission
  13. Product Management
  14. Content Management
  15. Reports and Analytics

Gbeetle can readily serve requirements of Both Product based business and Service based business with few clicks to setup.
Gbeetle has no restriction on the number of Branches you create when expanding your business or number of products you could create in your store.




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